A few projects and comments

A few project pics and comments below from the past couple months with my Nomad. I recently took the entire Nomad apart and quite easily put it back together with NO parts left over (always the sign of a successful tear-down/build-up). It is always nice to have a tool that can be easily upgraded or repaired.

As a tool chain test, I made a simple PCB in Eagle to provide USB power to my iPhone in my car, but to disable the data connections, then I milled a soft plastic iPhone holder:



after some shrink wrap:


and a small mod to the Nomad itself:

what does the little key do?? Ah… light !

Not that the LED light strip really needed a lock-out key… it was the only SPST switch I had in my parts that was deep enough to reach through the hole milled in the HDPE wall… and it looks very cool and intimidating :smile:

While waiting for the vice to arrive I cannot say enough good things about this AMAZING tape (Nitto tape) - - it has an amazing hold (I milled this holder for a hobbed bolt out of 6061 aluminum using this tape):

The tape is double-sided, but really seems like it is all glue, with no inner “paper” to delaminate. It does have a center liner but is negligible, and with constant pressure from a putty knife or similar, will allow parts to come off the bed with no reside whatsoever. I clean the bed and part with acetone or alcohol (either direct on the aluminum plate or the MDF), and about 10 seconds of hard pressure to set the glue on the tape and it holds for hours of milling… Here is a link to Amazon… probably available at other stores too… (Nitto makes many kinds of tape, so make sure you’re getting this Permacel P-02)


I also use it to hold machineable wax and I’ve done some deep molds and never had the wax block budge at all:


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Hey @warba!. Thanks for sharing your process. Also looking into adding LEDs to my Nomad. Just added a microscope to be able to set zero with great success. I posted something about that not too long ago. I have been using the double face tape that came with the Nomad and I’m not having great success with it. If there is a smallish piece left behind from milling, it usually unsticks and jams the mill head. Will try your suggestion of tape. How was it about getting all over the tool?. Mine gets all gooked up once it get to the tape. Yeah, it all comes off later with goof-off but a mess non the less.

I have not had any problems so far with the tape gumming up the endmills; it is very thin and isn’t sticky. It comes off in one piece and does not break apart or leave residue. It is magic. Actually, I found it mentioned on another CNC forum some months ago. The trick seems to push your workpiece down with as much force as possible for 15 seconds or more; good hard steady pressure.


I agree, I have tried 5 brands of tape, and the Nitto Tape (while not cheap), is the BEST, sometimes it hold too good though. :slight_smile: