A few projects made on the xxl

Hey Guys,

Thought I would post a few of these learning projects out here, since this is one of my places I go in the morning before heading out to the shop. All the little plaques are out of old walnut paneling I took out of an old executive office before it was to be torn down, the layered dahlia is out of mahogany which was underneath the walnut. The walnut carves beautifully and it’s finish which is some kind of applied antiquing makes for a great contrast (almost like it was burned in)

. The truck is made from the same walnut, also some coco bola, and some prpl hrt as well,- all cut out with the xxl, with copper and brass adornments, just has a good mineral oil bath applied. Going to make another one today I think, now that I have it all blueprinted.
I did the layer thing like the layered text method, but would really like to be able to do it all in one method (3d) - any suggestions on some freeware that will allow me to do some contouring work would be appreciated. Didn’t run a finishing pass - was just experimenting.


Have you tried Fusion 360? It has some nice CAM features that would probably work well.

I LOVE the truck!!!

in terms of open source, I’m slowly building out a cam style piece of software, see https://github.com/fenrus75/FenrusCNCtools/tree/master/toolpath/doc for details. I’ve been adding capabilities for things I needed or for things people on the forum suggested…


Pretty good stuff. I like the bottle caps for head lights on the truck.