A lot of noise with cnc

The most pressing long-term issue I have with CNCing is the noise, my SO3 is incredibly loud, which is fine when I’m at home, but I would love to have my machine with me at college in my apartment. I have yet to build a case for it, I plan to this summer, but I don’t imagine it will do nearly enough for the noise. Has anybody found a way to substantially reduce the level of noise? Also, I’ve been wondering if the nomad is loud, it’s too expensive for me to buy anytime soon, but I’m considering saving up for it.

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There have been a number of enclosure designs worked up for Shapeokos.

I believe most of them are collected to: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Soundproofing_Enclosures

(Please let me know of any I missed and they’ll get added).

The Nomad is much quieter — can’t hear it at all over the sound of my shop vac. I’m hoping to eventually justify getting a Fein or Festool or similar quiet dust collection system so that I can use it w/o having to consider noise aspects.

Awesome! thank you very much! I’ll be sure to take some time going through that list.

I’d have to say as long as your housing is good (i live in an apartment as well) and has thick walls. A good enclosure is all you’ll need. Went from having very unhappy neighbors to barely being able to hear it through the door (sounds like a distant vacuum). And mine is just some plywood and blankets (cost about 100 bucks probably).


Hi! (Sorry, i know this is an old post), but I’m curious as to how you built your enclosure. Care to share any photos or details? I’m looking to pull the trigger on a CNC (Shapeoko or Millright), but my main concern is the sound. Thank you!

Your best bet would be to search the forum.

Try “enclosure”?

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Made mine out of an old bed frame and some drywall, works pretty well, but the so3 is very loud.

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