A mild case of OCD and an affinity for voiding warranties

While waiting to install my replacement HDZ, I decided that I wasn’t a fan of the exposed limit switch wires or the gray sheathed stepper motor wires and that it was time to do something about it. Being familiar with automotive race wiring and the PC modding community, I dug out my wiring supplies and proceeded to void my warranty. All wires were sleeved using black paracord sheathing, with heat shrink on both ends, on both ends.

For the limit switch wires, I removed the two pins from the connector using a pin removal tool (make sure you label which pin goes where), wrapped up the pins with some tape, and fed them through the black paracord sheathing (all “interior” cords were removed prior to fishing the wires through).

For the motor wires, I cut off the connectors at the motor side, fed the wires through the paracord, and attached new 4 pin Molex connectors for a cleaner look. I had a lot of the original clips break off so for me, it was definitely worth swapping the connectors out.


The original wiring is a little bit on the “don’t look” side of things isn’t it.

I persistently have to resist the temptation to replace them all with shielded cables, in nice nylon webbed trunks.

Do I see proper brackets holding up your drag chain instead of double sided tape too?


Honestly, I think the time and effort was worth it! Not just for looks but I also took the time to zip tie the cables in the drag chain as well so there is more room.

Yes, those are the brackets that ship with the newer Shapokos. They work very well.