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Je cherche une version de CARBIDE CREATE et MOTION qui fonctionnent et surtout récente, avec toutes les fonctionnalités tels que “visualisation de trajectoires”, réglage des vitesses, représentation 3D avec aspect réaliste etc… Pour ce qui concerne l’écran d’accueil, il est minable et illisible. Y en a t-il un plus complet et en français ? merci

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Si Carbide Create ne te convient pas, tu peux t’orienter vers des solutions alternatives telles que VCarve ou Fusion360.

De même les alternatives principales à Carbide Motion sont Universal Gcode Sender et CNCjs

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(for those that do not read french: the initial question was asking about features in CC and CM, about French language support, and about alternatives if they do not suit. The response referred to Vcarve or Fusion360 as CC alternatives for CC, and UGS and CNCjs as alternate senders)


Bonjour Serge, Comme Julien l’a indiqué, il y a des logiciels beaucoup plus performant que Carbon Create et Carbon Motion mais je crois que les logiciels plus performant comme F360 et VCarve ne sont pas disponibles en français.

S’il vous plaît pardonnez mon utilisation de la traduction automatique (seulement 1 an et 1 jour de Lycée Français)

Je crois que le programme GrblGru a été traduit en Français:

Il a maintenant son propre site Web: https://www.grblgru.com/

Le développeur est un gars merveilleusement talentueux et généreux et s’il n’y a pas une traduction Français, serait certainement apprécier et d’inclure un. Je crois que certains des outils opensource ont soit des traductions, ou se permettre la possibilité d’ajouter ses propres traductions.

EDIT: The original English, as best as I can reconstruct it from an (edited) machine translation was:

Please forgive my use of machine translation (only 1 year and 1 day of high school French)

I believe that the GrblGru program has been translated into French:

It now has his own website: https://www.grblgru.com/

The developer is a wonderfully talented and generous guy and if there is not a French translation, would definitely appreciate and include one. I believe that some of the opensource tools either have translations, or allow users the opportunity to add their own translations.


VCarve does seem to exist in other languages: http://support.vectric.com/aspire-questions/item/what-languages-is-software-available-in-2

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Interesting but it does not mention anything else but to send an e-mail. You would think they would have more information available not to mention what about support and documentation for those unnamed languages?

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Whoa! Is there anything you can’t do Will? I’m impressed

@The_real_janderson I just copy-pasted from a computer translation system — I only had a year and a day of high school French unfortunately.

As many of us know, Google translate is not perfect but you get the gist of the message, however it may take a bit of head scratching to get it.

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I work for a bilingual company and I always check my Google translate with one of our bilingual employees before committing anything to our system. We frequently laugh at the English translations we see. I would probably trust Google to get the main point across if both parties understand the subject matter well, but I wouldn’t use it to order Thai food if I had a peanut allergy, just sayin’.



When I avail myself of the automatic translation systems when doing tech support I always note that I am pasting the English original in at the bottom.

I’ve always enjoyed the old story about the translation system which was tested with translating the phrase:

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

which when translated into the foreign language, then being retranslated from said translation into English resulted in:

The wine is agreeable, but the meat is spoiled.


I was very active on a German Forum where terminology was very specific and spent several minutes trying to decipher some posts. Between the colloquial German and the technical jargon, Google came out with interesting translations. I tried Bing and a few others and had similar results. My German friends told me not to translate my posts and just use English because it did not really help by posting tortured German and many members spoke English. I must say that Will’s post in French was understandable.

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Sounds like a cool forum! May I ask the subject matter?

I’ve always regretted not having stuck with French in high school, and having forgotten my mother tongue and the other language I learned in childhood, and then having failed to continue to use my mother tongue after the Air Force paid for me to spend a year at the DLI-FLC at the Presidio of Monterey.

Old joke:

Q: If you call a person who speaks three languages tri-lingual, and a person who speaks two languages bi-lingual, what do you all a person who speaks only one language?

A: American.

As unpleasant a personage as he was, I’ve always thought Winston Churchill’s admonition that everyone should learn a second language well enough to be able to access literature written in that language cogent. Unfortunately, very little of the Korean vocabulary I used regularly enough to remember gets used in anything other than the unpleasant specialty the Air Force had me working in.

Glad to hear the translation worked well — when attempting to recover the original for some reason it couldn’t revert Lycée Français to “high school French”, and the last sentence was a bit confused as to conjugation.

Sounds like a cool forum! May I ask the subject matter?

It is a forum about velomobiles.

Learning a language is the first step but becoming bi-cultural is another significant step. You need to be immersed and even within a family, your parents have to make an effort to make you learn. Short of immersion, the environment also very important but TV and to a lesser extent radio can help. In America, it is probably difficult to do, TV channels, for the most part, are US-centric and mostly in English. In Europe, you get TV stations in many languages from many countries. In Canada, we have some French and English language TV almost everywhere and a few other stations broadcasting in multiple languages throughout the day maybe including Korean. I have not even seen Canadian channels on a US TV distribution network yet even if we share one common language and we are next door. Many TV stations will not broadcast their content outside their country on the Internet due to right restrictions leading to isolation.

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Very cool!

I’ve been commuting on a bicycle for the past couple of years:

and have considered a recumbent or some sort of velomobile (I stop riding when the temperature gets below -8 degrees Celsius and don’t resume until it’s been nice for a while and all the snow is gone from the side of the road and all the salt is washed off by a couple of good rainstorms — hopefully this Tuesday) — making one would be cool, and I’ve done a bit of research on it.

Building a good velomobile is not easy, the monocoque construction requires very intimate knowledge of the forces and aerodynamics. It is however relatively easy to take a good tadpole trike (two wheels at the front and one at the back and add a coroplast shell. Some people have actually made some that could come close to the performance of some composite velomobiles. If you are serious abut this PM me as we are getting pretty far from the topic of this discussion or even our message board.

PS: I don’t ride in the winter except on a fat bike.

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