A Textured Sign

I’ve been thinking about some designs using a texture, but hadn’t worked with textures at all yet, so decided to do a test, and it came out nice enough that I’d figured I’d share how I did it.

I used an 1/8’ ball endmill for the texture, an 1/8” straight double flute for the letters, and a 1/4” upcut for the border and cutout. Soft maple.

The texture needed some sanding and I used one of these abrasive balls from Harbor Freight in the drill press. First time using it, and it’s AWESOME.


Nice job. Looks great

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Very nice! I need to get a better variety of mills.

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Nice job! Thanks for the tip on using an abrasive ball; I’ve tried one texture on a sign and wasn’t pleased with the resulting hairy look, lol.

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how did you tool path or create the texture in cad?

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I used the texture feature in carbide create. Experimented with the settings until I got something I was happy with.

Btw, update - playing around a bit, I decided to burn the surface a little with a torch and I really like how it came out. Makes the texture pop