A wishlist for Carbide Create

Working on a project which will integrate MetaPost and OpenSCAD and have a couple of wishes which would make this simpler:

  • PDF import — even if all that happened was running Inkscape in CLI mode in the background to convert to SVG, it’d make this a lot more efficient
  • preserve colours — it would be nice to work up some standard mapping of this colour to that particular operation — the laser folks usually have declared mappings for this — if we could work up a standard on this, it would be awesome if Carbide Create would automatically assign CAM operations based on some agreed-upon standard
  • support the XML/SVG meta-tagging for operations which PartKAM/MakerCAM uses

Here a few enhancements that would be nifty;

  1. Save windows position, I use dual screen and each time I open CC, I have to resize/position the window,
  2. Save file and save as, actually the only option is save as,
  3. Add Select All, CTRL+A to select all objects
  4. Center vertically and/or horizontally selected object(s), useful when opening a file and the objects are off the working area,
  5. Click+Shift+Hold to move the grid (working area)

Thank you :slight_smile:

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