Ability to change Measurement on every page

It would be nice to be able to easily switch between inches and mm on each screen. This would be for users you work in both and without having to go back to the setup screen to switch. As well if you change the setting it should automatically change it in g-code save function as well.

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YES!!! How about moving it from the settings page to the main menu. Next to “Help” or over to the far right of the menu bar??

Not sure about tying it in to the post. I always post in inches because all of my tools in the shop are inch.
(Yes, Carter should have just made metric official back in the '70s. We’d all be there by now.)
(( But then the songs, “My big 25 centimeter” or “25.4 mm worm” just wouldn’t have the same ring.
“…and kilometers to go before I sleep.” Nah, don’t like it.))


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