Access to G55-G59

I know it has been discussed Carbide Motion - User Defined Rapid Points even possible in earlier versions of Carbide Motion. But is there anything in the works or will we ever have the ability to access G55-G59? My current understanding is that it is inaccessible in CM. I have tried it and have had now success. “Busy” appears as if to confirm a switch though nothing is saved or no indication of machine position moving. Exploring other GCode senders, this is the feature(for me) which is so alluring. though as I have stepped out into the big world of GCode senders, I seem to simply find frustrations which lead me back to CM. I like carbide motion and its user friendliness. I just wish it had a few more bells and whistles, this being #1 on my list. Not sure if its something that can be done

My understanding is this feature is on the radar for the developers, but no idea on timeframe.

Hopefully a future version will have direct support for this, but don’t hold your breath.

A standard (as it is today) and an advanced version of CM would be nice.
Could just be the same program, but with a command line argument to toggle versions.

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