Acrylic engraved token

Pardon the dramatic angling of the picture, but some of the details are quite fine, and didn’t want to be seen in the picture otherwise. Like the A and V still don’t want to be.

Eventually it will become a key-chain, but I don’t have a means of attachment yet, so I haven’t drilled a hole for it.

Dimensions are 2" diameter, .08" thick, with .01" engraving. Engraving done with a .006" ball endmill.

It reads “Your turn” in Esperanto. The short story long, is that my girlfriend and I take turns paying for meals when we go out, as a simpler form of going dutch. This is how we are going to keep track of whose turn it is. Inevitably it is going to get broken since it is acrylic, so it will eventually get replaced by aluminum once I finally stop being lazy and build an aluminum forge. The dinosaur is because dinosaurs are cool. Very important part.