Acrylic rod for bitsetter

Hello. I’m hoping someone could tell me where I might find a replacement for the small acrylic rod in the bitsetter that brings the light from the sensor to the surface of the housing.

When I received my machine, the bitsetter wasn’t working. The great folks at support sent me another sensor. When I replaced it, everything worked like a charm. Except… and this is not something I’m proud of… the acrylic rod apparently fell somewhere without me noticing.

I’m sure it’s been swept up or sucked up.

This is my doing, so I’m happy to buy another - just not sure how to go about getting one. :confused:

Based on my notes from the last time I took a BitSetter apart, I’d guess this:

I’m sure @Luke could tell you exactly, or you could just email support.


Let us know at and we’ll gladly ship you one.

You guys are way too good to us! Thank you.

Thanks for this information!

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