Adaptive toolpaths

Quick question, I am looking into cutting aluminum on my machine and from what I can see adaptive toolpaths are the way to go. Is there any plan to add adaptive paths to carbide 3d pro? Are they already there? I’m at the beginning of my research on this and looking into softwares that I can use for 3d in aluminum.

For the fusion 360 personal use, any issues converting it to work with cc motion? Is solidworks hobbyist version better? I always see people on the forum using F360 but I don’t know which version they have when they make their posts. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Carbide Create does not have adaptive/trochoidal toolpaths — Pro does add ramping in, which helps — no idea on if it will get added or when.

Fusion 360 should work, what we have on it is at:

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