Add a tool to carbide create?

New to my Nomad but so far having great success. Now I have a tool that did not come from Carbide and I can’t seem to ad it to the library.

So it’s a 1/4" wide 90D vee bit (from Instructables).

What i’m doing:

Go into toolpath and hit edit library,
Click on add tool,
Tell it it’s a vee mill, enter desc. (I have tried many things here but figure this entry does not matter) change the tool number to anything not being used (tried multiple entries from 999 to 333) Enter diameter of .25 Flute length .40 angle per side (tried 90 but it turns red so maybe it’s a half so I enter 45) and there is no button that says enter or done… So I just leave it and also tried hitting “add tool” again but it never shows up in the list.

I can’t seem to find any reference on how to do this properly. Can someone point me in the right direction?


If you select a tool before clicking on “Add Tool” the selected tool will be used as a template for the new one.

  • Toolpath
  • Edit Library
  • Add Tool
  • double-click on the new tool to go into edit mode
  • edit as needed
  • Ok
  • close window

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