Add more wood profiles on Carbide Create

The four “Show Simulation” materials are good but can I add Cedar, Maple, … I think it would look nice to see what it could look like on different species of wood.

Any clues?

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While not a perfect solution, you could find an image of the wood your interested in using. Download and save to computer, then open up Carbide Create and add image to your background. Move the image around until you find comparable grain to what you are using. Then you can just turn off until you’ve finished your drawing or do it to one you’ve already done. Just going to give to a 2D preview but definitely better than nothing.

Note: You could in that aspect take a picture of the actual piece of wood you will be using and put it in background, to give you a better idea of outcome…

Also I might suggest you post this topic to Feature Request

I added Bocote wood texture to my background of a Lotus Flower for an example.


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