Adding bowl/dish bit to library

Good morning folks, new to the cnc world and CC.

I’ve searched and searched but cant find an answer anywhere, but how do I add a bowl/dish bit to my library. I know how to add bits, but there doesn’t seem to be an option of adding that type of bit.


A flat-bottom endmill w/ rounded off corners is not a supported endmill geometry in Carbide Create.

You can enter as a square or ball-nosed endmill and dispense w/ either rounding or flat-bottom.

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Any idea when the library will finally support the tools that we users are using?


No idea. EDIT: Not even sure if it makes the cut of features which will ever be worked on, let alone soon.

Rob posted that a lot of his time was being taken up by tackling supply chain issues, so it may be a while, or maybe he’ll need a break and take some time off to work on Carbide Create — anyone want to donate airmiles for him to take a (working) vacation?

Will funny you mention the supply chain. I have heard from several people that their business cannot get or keep stock specifically from China. San Diego was reporting record backlog at the port and there are still tariffs and other restrictions regarding trade with China. On the other side of the world the Suez Canal was shut down for a week with that big container ship that was stuck. That was causing shipping delays al over the world. Eventually the Suez Canal traffic jam will subside but the tariffs with China will not go away anytime soon and there is still the elephant in the room, COVID 19. For some reason lumber is in short supply and the prices are doubling on some items. A lot of material is shipped on pallets. Even if the product is ready if there is nothing to ship it on it is delayed.

So a successful business nowadays seems to be hit from all sides. From labor to material availability I can see where someone needs a vacation. Except where can you go for a vacation since many states and countries are still locked down. The places you can go are crowded. Maybe a good staycation would be in order. Turn off the phones, lock the door, pull down the shades and get some ZZZs or binge watch some stupid TV shows. Staycation Awwwwwwww!! Take my advise from someone on permanent vacation. I think I will set up my hammock today.

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