Adding Fonts/Carbide Create

Just wanted to share this with other users about downloading new fonts into carbide create -

  1. Find font to download
  2. Download Font onto your computer
    3.Extract the zip file
    4.Right click on the font file after you have extracted it… another down menu will appear
    Click on Install for all Users and it will download automatically onto your Computer/Inkscape/Carbide Create and any other programs that you have font files. We are running Windows 10 …not sure if it works for other operating systems

We are new to this site and CNCing (if that’s actually a word LOL) and maybe you all know this already but we were thrilled to figure this out.

Cheers G and C


Welcome to the forum this is a great place if you get stuck or need help everyone tries to help others the best they can

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Welcome and thank you. I had just shed the question a few days ago on how to do just that. Also this is a great forum any questions just ask. Someone will answer and always friendly everyone.

When you install any font in Windows, it SHOULD automatically install for EVERY program that uses TT or OTF type fonts. I’ve installed several thousand on several computers running win7 and 10 over the past few years and have never had the issue with not having work with all my programs. On some you must Close and Re Open said program. Some programs do not require restart. (I use Coreldraw and it always loads new fonts even when open.) And you MAY need to restart computer. Windows can be a pain.

Saying Windows is a pain is an understatement. I having been using Windows since 2.X and DOS before through all the years and all the blue screens of death it is still the most defective product that is still being made. Seems every time they fix one thing they break 3 others. It most be nice to be one of the richest people on earth and make such a defective product. .02 cents! Wish they made CC and CM for Linux.

Here is another option:

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FWIW, our experience is that most of the folks using Linux want opensource apps — there are quite a few of them, and you ought to be able to find an opensource toolchain which will do pretty much anything you might want.

My first project on the Shapeoko was a locking register caliper:

It was done with pretty much all opensource software:

  • the exception was it was drawn in Macromedia Freehand — Cenon or Inkscape could have been used (or it could have been programmed in METAPOST which is something I need to revisit)
  • the drawing was made into a character in a font using Fontforge (there’s an issue on GitHub related to that)
  • the engraving was done using that font in F-Engrave
  • the outlines and so forth were cut using MakerCAM
  • G-Code files were sent using bCNC

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