Adding or removing selection to a toolpath already created

I am a newbie. Is there any way to de-select or add items to an already created toolpath without having to have to start from scratch. Please help.

Just right-click on the tool path name and select edit, delete, or disable. You can also hold down the left mouse button and drag the tool path to a new position

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Thanks for your answer but it is not what I was asking.
What I meant is, let’s say you have 10 different shapes selected in a toolpath and you want to add or remove 2 of those shapes. Is there any way to do it without having to cancel the whole toolpath and start all over again?

Yes. Double click on the toolpath…that will bring up the dialog AND SELECT THE SHAPES INCLUDED IN THE TOOLPATH.

Then you can SHIFT-Click (Windows) additional shapes, or on already selected shapes to deselect them.

Then, click on OK.



Note that for certain toolpaths, it is necessary to edit the toolpath, select the geometry, then click a button to replace the previously selected geometry with the new selection.

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OK…Now I’m interested. What kind of toolpaths are those?

Thank you Gary, it worked. I wished I had asked earlier. Good day.

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