Adding probing kit question

Please see picture, circled in red, What are these pins called ? Can I get them at a radio shack, their size, attached to wires or do I have to solder them onto a wire ? There is so much information about probing kits here but I fail to see how or what type of pins to buy to connect to the Shapeoko 3 board, newest system just purchased.

Also, I have the makita router and it does not have a ground prong in the plug. This is not a grounded tool IMO, is it grounded interiorly ? Will I be able to connect the ground clip to the spindle and receive a grounded signal at the board so that the probe kit works? Thanks all.

I used DuPont connectors there, but they aren’t quite the right ones, and don’t fit quite right.

They are actually supposed to be Molex KK as noted at:

(though some connectors may require filing)

Yeah, the Dewalt and Makita routers aren’t grounded — if memory serves, I just clipped to the endmill as I described, and then ran the probe down until I connected with a bit of aluminum foil wrapped over the shelf standard I was using.

I used somthing like this

cut one end soldered and shrink wrapped and as will stated a bit of a wonky fit but works