Adding Sainsmart bits to tools

Can anyone tell me which fields to use for adding these bits to Carbide Create?

I found this page, but when i use these the project does not seem to render properly.

For tools that are similar to the C3D tools just use that tool. If you want to customize a tool database:

Open Cc and then the Help Menu and then About

Open the Data directory.

Open the CC and then Tools.

If you created a custom tool double click on the file and it will open in a spreadsheet.

Enter anything you want in the data fields.

When saving “Save As” a comma delimited (.csv) file and not in the native spreadsheet file. CC can only read .csv files.

For some tools it is just trial and error. After you try them out you can follow the above instructions to modify your custom tool database.

Make sure tools have a unique number. I started at #700 and went up.

If you have questions write back. There are a lot of F&S calculators on the internet and here on the forum. Many OEM databases for F&S are for industrial machines and are fantastically high numbers for the Shapeoko. So take stock OEM databases with a grain of salt.

Thanks for the reply Guy.

I have the bits entered into Carbide Create based off the values in the sheet. But either I’m using the wrong columns from the sheet or entering them in the wrong places.

It just never seems to render properly. Even with the 30 degree V or 60 degree V it always leaves the corners with ‘extra’ material around them.

You did not state what type of tool path you are using. Vcarve tool paths just go down the center of the line and cut as deep as needed for the vbit to touch both sides. Advanced vcarve only runs around the outside of the lines to the depth you specify. When you do a simple vcarve never limit the depth or unexpected things happen. Always use bottom of stock for a simple vcarve or the “t” and do not limit depth on a simple vcarve. Just be careful doing the bottom of stock on wide lines and shallow stock because you can cut through. Advanced vcarve is what to use for limiting depth. If the area is too small for a flat end mill then the vbit tries to route out the area. That works but can lead to a rough surface if you dont set the stepover small enough and takes a long time to carve.

Even using the Amana tools it doesn’t seem to render correctly. I am assuming either I am selecting the wrong type of tool path, or I need to use multiple tool paths to carve it correctly.

Post your file and screen grabs showing your custom tool definitions?

Please note that the Amana #45771-K 30 degree engraver is not entered as a V tool in our library — I have had success w/ it entering it as:

for use in hardwood/bamboo, but please check/validate those feeds and speeds in your material before using them.

Thanks for the reply Will. I think i figured out my error. I entered it as a Vee bit. Plus i was trying to do one v-carve. When i selected each row of words as a separate toolpath it rendered correctly.

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