Adding SVG files

I am a brand new Shapeoko user and not comfortable with the Create program. I’ve downloaded SVG files to my documents, and when I try to load one, I hit the open button in create and it will load my file, but the rest of my drawing clears. If I try to load a second svg, the first disappears. Obviously, I am not doing it correctly…is there a tutorial on adding svg files?

There’s a button for importing a file into an existing document:

Thanks. Now another question. Is there a way to make a 1/2 circle, so that the toolpath will only be the radius and not the line across the diameter. I tried the curve tool, and could not produce the perfect circle I wanted

Unfortunately, the curve tool only makes smooth shapes — it can’t do the radius w/ sharp points which you want.

The best way to do as you describe is to draw a circle of the desired size, then a rectangle which intersects it at the diameter, then use a Boolean operation to remove what is not wanted:


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