Adding SVG's to Cabide Create

I add an svg file, and when i try to load a 2nd svg, the first dissappears. How do I add multiple svg’s

Perhaps you are doing this using “Open”? You should use “Import External File”. This is the rectangular icon with a down arrow found in the Import box on the Design page.

Edit: I have no problem importing and layering multiple SVG files in CC using the import function. One of the advantages of this versus combining all your art into one SVG is that it offers a way to preserve grouping. CC does not respect grouped elements, i.e. grouped from within your art program, within a single SVG. So I import separate SVGs for each set of vectors I want to group fo a common toolpath. Upon import, CC will offer you the chance to group only those recent imported elements, far easier with a lot of elements than trying to select all the individual elements within CC. Of course if each of your original SVGs was just one or two elements this is not so important.

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Hello there Bob, I had this same question a couple weeks ago. ( New to cnc) I found this and helped me.

thanks for the help got it now