Adding to existing toolpath

Hello everyone!

Sorry if that topic has been discussed already, the search did not bring anything close to what I am looking for.

Often when creating a design, I end up duplicating some parts. Sometimes I already add the toolpath to the initial part. So my question is simple, can you add parts to existing toolpaths?

Hi @Mat,

you should be able to edit the toolpath, and use the shift key (from memory…or did it change ? not in front of CC right now to double-check) to add additional vectors to the selection, then click ok and the toolpath should be regenerated based on the new selection

for most toolpaths that is how it works.

for advanced vcarve there is a “replace with current selection:” button that … well, does that it says to the same effect

OMG you got it @Julien … Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

For those with the same Q, here how I did it.

1 - In Design mode, select the part that have the toolpath already,
2 - Press shift and select the other part(s),
3 - Click on the “Group Vectors” icon,
4 - From the Toolpaths tab, right click the toolpath and “Edit operation”,
5 - Click “Ok”,
6 - From Design mode again un-group vectors,
6 - You are done :slight_smile:

@fenrus I never used advance vcarve, something I will have to experiment some day. Thanks!

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