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I added some new end mills and am trying to figure out why it comes up Tool 1 in Carbide Motion. When I added the end mills in CCV7, I named one of them ( Jenny 1/8) . Any help would be appreciated.

Could you please show us what is showing in the Tool Edit pane?

I posted this a few minutes ago on another thread.

Tool numbers must be unique in CC. The tag for the name is not used by CC only the number. So I started with 600 and went up because so far C3D has not used those numbers as of yet.

Here is the post on editing your custom tool database. Some of this is about using a fly bit to flatten a spoilboard. You can ignore that part but the procedure to edit a custom tool is the important part. I was too lazy to edit and just copy and pasted.

I use a Whiteside 6210 1" carbide fly bit to surface. My DOC is 0.01". I make a single pass with pencil marks all over my spoilboard. If there are any pencil marks left I rezero in that spot and run the job again. I want to take off as little of my spoilboard as possible but still get it flat. If you have cut very deeply into your spoilboard you may just have to live with it and not flatten all the way to make all marks disappear.

Here is my custom tool database for the Whiteside 6210 bit and a clone that is identical.

number vendor model URL name type diameter cornerradius flutelength shaftdiameter angle numflutes stickout coating metric notes machine material plungerate feedrate rpm depth cutpower finishallowance 3dstepover 3dfeedrate 3drpm
601 whiteside 6210 601 Fly Cutter 6201 end 1 0 0.25 0 2 3 0.25 0 10 80 16000 0.01 1 35 80 16000
602 Sugelary X002JUT7TF 602 Fly Cutter end 1 0 0.25 0 2 3 0.25 0 10 100 16000 0.01 1 35 100 16000

If you are using the McFly that is likely already programmed in the factory tool database.

To modify a custom tool already created:

  1. Open CC
  2. Go to About Menu
  3. Click on the Open Data Directory
  4. Navigate to the Carbide Create Directory
  5. Navigate to the Tools Directory
  6. If you have already created a custom tool you can click on that custom database and it should open in a spreadsheet. You can edit and then save as a .csv file. Do not let the spreadsheet save in its native format because CC cannot read that only a .csv file.

You can create a custom tool but there is much more you can add by using the above procedure.

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