Adding V-bits to library

I just picked up some new V-bits and was wondering about set up in the carbide tool library. The bits are Whiteside 1500 90 degree V, and 1540 60 degree V. Unlike the regular (to me at least) router v-bits with wide shoulders these are straight shank. Would this affect how I should enter them into the library? For example; setting up a regular 90 degree v-bit I would set the angle at 45 in the library, but should I do the same for these? If any one has used these or added them, and assuming you wouldn’t mind, would you walk me though the settings that you used?
Also I got a carving liner from Whiteside as well SC50. While this seemed like a great idea at the time I now have no idea how I should enter this tool into the library. Any suggestions, or help would be much appreciated.

I am also wondering how you folks set up engraving bits, like the 15 and 30 degree that sold by Drillman1 from eBay. Is there any thing that should be taken into account when setting these up in the library?
Thanks folks.

There’s a bit on this here: (see the 2:00 mark)

An image here discusses a bit of it:


  • Diameter — this is the widest the endmill can cut, so for the one you show, equal to the shaft diameter
  • Flute Length — measure the length of the cutting edge (on the diagonal for V-bits)
  • Angle: CC uses taper angle, not the typically reported V-angle, so one must divide by 2, so the 90 degree bit is reported as having a 45 degree taper.

So this bit, the Whiteside SC50 was throwing me for a loop. Listed as a carving liner should I enter it as a V-bit or for engrave, and what is the angle. I have seen it listed as 20 degree, all the way to 11 degree, with a couple of different variations in-between. This made no sense to me. Today I called Whiteside and asked them. This is a V-bit and an included angle of 22 degrees. Don’t know if this will help out anyone else, but here you go, information from the company. lol.
Also, Talking to the folks over the phone, they were very helpful, polite, and more than willing to help with any questions about their products.


I have some yonico engraving bits 18°, 22,° and 15° and I’m stumped on how to input them into carbide create? Plungerate, feedrate and depth numbers?

We sell a 30 degree V endmill from Amana which is in Carbide Create as an engraver — might work as a starting point.