Adjusting svg sizes without scaling?

I typically use Inkscape to design files and then bring them over into Carbide. My issue is that the file size in inkscape does not match the file size in Carbide. Example: I create a flag, it is 30x16.5 in Ikscape. When I brink it into Carbide, those dimensions are off by a bit. How can I adjust one dimension as in the length of a stripe without it automatically adjusting the height. I only want to make the stripe longer, not wider. I know I can use the boxes around the svg and move them in out out, but trying to get to an exact dimension is almost impossible. Is there a way to just type in my desired dimension for length or width without it atomatically adjusting the other? Does that make sense?

If I remember reading some of these kind of problems, it goes back to a dpi setting between Inkscape and Carbide.

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How far off are they? Careful how you are using stroke width.
You want to use Geometric Bounding Box in Inkscape otherwise your stroke width is included in the dimension.


ok. Is there a way to just adjust one dimension without it automatically adjusting the other in Carbide?

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