Advance VCarve - Inlay with 5º taper? Help Appreciated

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to make some end grain cutting boards with contrasting inlays - similar to the ones in this video. I have some blanks ready to go, but I’m having trouble making the inlay cuts.

I purchased the “SpeTool Tapered Ball Nose End Mill 1/4 X 3 inches with 0.5mm Ball Nose 4.82 Deg” thinking a 4.82 degree taper would result in a quicker cut then using a 90º or 60º. I’ve added the new tool to Carbide Create, but when I cut the pocket and plug, they are the incorrect size. The plug is too small for the hole and doesn’t join correctly…

I’ve tried changing the degrees (if 4.82º is for single sided, does that mean carbide create’s tool library want’s double sided @ 9.64º? That didn’t work either) and the Starting Depth (S) and Max Depth (D), but can’t get a nice snug fit…

Attempt 1:

  • Pocket: (S) 0.0" (D) 0.2"
  • Plug: (S) 0.1" (D) 0.1"

Attempt 2:

  • Pocket: (S) 0.0" (D) 0.3"
  • Plug: (S) 0.1" (D) 0.2"

Attempt 3:

  • Pocket: (S) 0.0" (D) 0.2"
  • Plug: (S) 0.05" (D) 0.15"

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

The problem is Carbide Create won’t adjust for the ball-nose — you can use a feeler gauge to adjust for it when setting zero manually, but the material removed from the endmill to form the ball means that it won’t cut the correct shape, leaving material uncut when only the tip is involved.

I’ve had success using the 30 degree #45771 from:

did you do the equivalent of Using "Advanced VCarve" in Carbide Create 461 to make Inlays ?

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