Advance Vcarve Plunge

Hi all,
I have a question regarding VCarve. When cutting these numbers it seems to plunge down for the start and end of the number. I’m not really sure why or how to stop this occurrence from happing. Your help will greatly be appreciated.
Thanks John

VCarve PluBingo.c2d|attachment (1.5 MB) nge

Does it happen with sans-serif fonts?

Carbide Create converts geometry into polylines when cutting which results in some artifacting — so long as your feeds and speeds and depth per pass are getting you a clear cut elsewhere it’s fine so long as one doesn’t loose any steps.

To see this, draw a pair of circles smaller than your V endmill widely spaced, dupe, re-align, and rotate them, and repeat until one has a circular array of circles — assign a V carving toolpath to them. While it would work to merely plunge to at the center to do the V carving CC adds a various moves to cut out the polyline shape.

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Sorry I don’t understand. Are you saying that the bit diameter is to large for the font

do you happen to have gcode for one of these say the 62 or 47 ?
we can look at it in simulators to see if this is on the digital side (in the gcode) or something on the machine side


No, that you’re having some mechanical issue which this is showing up due to the multiple passes — check your machine mechanically.

Here is the gcode for 62 and 47. Let me know what you think. Thanks again John
Test Adv Vcarve 47 (9.7 KB)

interesting…this looks like an issue on the digital side at least…

(you’re not using the shapeoko preprocessor)
It also looks like you’re using the flat endmill bit for the V carve and not a V bit!

and it does not look like the “bottom” part of advanced v-carve kicks in, so you will get very variable depth…

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I made the changes as you suggested using a 60° Vee Bit but unfortunately the results are pretty much the same. If you go to tool path, select advance Vcarve . You will see the lines being generated for the Vcarve operation. Take note of the “V” lines on the top, bottom and to the left and right of the numbers

. It seems to cause the bit to plunge deeper changing the diameter width which looks like a dimple when milling. I tried changing the maximum Depth to stop this from occurring but then it becomes too shallow of a cut. Any suggestions to get by this problem.

Please post the .c2d file, and screengrabs of any custom tooling you are using, and a screengrab of the 3D preview.

also if youi’re doing pure vcarves, you can’t expect the bottom to be flat… it’ll vary by the width… and yeah where parts of the letters come together that width is maximum

what you can do is find the depth of where letters “normal width” is, and set that to the max depth of the advanced vcarve (where you have to pick an area clearance tool for the vcarve to work well… just pic bit 201 and it’ll nto be used, but cause advanced vcarve to do the right thing)

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