Advance Vcarve won't allow me to change bit

Twice , both times I used advance Vcarve when it was time for me to change into the VBit , The router would raise up a touch but not enough for me to change the bit. the first time I just stopped the file , change the bit and let the entire thing run again . this time I tried to figure a way … and I couldn’t. any ideas? the bit setter is enabled


What post-processor do you have selected in Carbide Create under Edit | Select Post Processor?

It should be “Carbide 3D Shapeoko”.

Would you please post the .c2d file and G-Code (.nc file)?

It wasn’t shapeoko 3D. I believe it was basic. I checked yesterday morning before work after reading this. I have it set right now , But i haven’t had the chance to test It.

I haven’t done a advanced vcarve. But last night i did a few regular cuts. This is the first time it has told me when to change the bit and what bit to use. I see now i haven’t been using the bit setter correct at all. Thank you for your help.

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