Advanced v carve preferance

When using advanced v carve , is it better to use a 90 bit 0r 60 bit after the pockets? I have used both and i can’t seem to pick one over the other. thx

The general guideline is:

  • larger feature/larger project, more obtuse tooling (90 degree in this instance)
  • smaller features/smaller project, more acute tooling (60 degree in this instance)

Makes sense. Thank you.

To add to @WillAdams said it is about scale. If you were doing a simple vcarve using a 90/60 degree with very fine lines you can barely see it in the preview. In the case of advanced vcarve the same holds true about the scale. The smaller the object the smaller angle vee bits work better. I typically use a 15/30 degree vee bit on small scale carving but the 60/90 on larger objects.

Here is an example of using a 15 degree for the fine lines of a car and using a 60 degree for larger scale lettering.

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What depth did you use

deb_charger.c2d (560 KB)

Here is the file I used to carve that plaque.

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Thank you very much.