Advanced V-Carve (+Rest Maching?)

Does anyone who’s using CC Pro know if Rest Machining will also allow an Advanced V-Care?

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I’m not exactly sure what your asking but I’ve asked that rest machining be available in area pocket clearing. link

There’s a 7.5 minute video lesson on the Rest feature in Pro and it’s using the Pocket feature which looks handy even cool. I was wanting to find out that the Rest also works when you select Advanced V-Carve. Where you could select an initial 1/4" end mill, then a 1/8" to get even more detail then finish with the V in sequence.

It is not specifically supported — you could offset by the distance the V endmill is inset from the edge, and use that geometry for a pocket and it would allow using Rest machining.

Unfortunately, rest machining is not an option yet in Advanced V-Carve

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If you did the pocket separately, then did an advanced vcarve without the clearance tool,
what I think you would be missing is the Vee tool clearing out remaining material that the clearance tool missed in the corners.


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