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Hi all -

I’m trying to do a text-in-a-rectangle where the text is positively vcarved and the background is recessed. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why some of the lettering is being negatively cut and some of it is being positively cut using advanced vcarve. In the image, you can see the letters at the left will leave a negative space as where the letters on the right will have the bg cut away.

Is there some trick to this?

Post the file?

Usually this difficulty is caused by overlapping/intersecting/stacked geometry.

If it’s not something you can share publicly, send it in to and we’ll do our best to work through it w/ you.

Thanks Will - I’ll send it to the support email.

As I’m playing around with this still, scaling up the text “fixes” it. Still no clear understanding as to why though.

Looks like it works if you offset the letters outward by just a little bit (.01" or so). I suspect that there’s something wrong with the vectors at the node-level that we’re not catching.

Like maybe the nodes are in complete somehow? The drips on the bottom of the T and the last E maybe?

Somewhere in the left words, there’s a part of the vector that overlaps itself, like a figure 8. Offsetting removes it.

We’ll see if we can add a command that makes it possible to find these.


I take that back but zooming WAAAY in there is def some crud in the text.

Let me clean that all up, see if that changes anything.

Any other text I generated myself seems to work just fine :frowning:

Just do that offset trick and you’ll be fine.

Yep, but I need this much much smaller is the problem.

So I’m zooming in and looking at big clumps of squares, cleaning up the vector, and going from there.

I may just search for free fonts and try this over from scratch now that I know what my customer is looking for.

Ultimately this may wind up in Fusion and get cut on my cnc plasma instead, but I need to send them renderings of both options.

Any chance you could pull this down/delete this for now? Thanks.


I’ve sent the file via the support ticket.

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Grab the 650 beta from We added some filtering that makes your file work.


Yep, tried the latest beta, it actually performs worse and calculates 200 plus minutes.

@WillAdams sorry I meant to delete the post you put with the image in it, I’m not sure why it just selected the text.

@robgrz let me take a stab at finding/fixing the loops and see if I can’t make it better.

This is build 650 with your file, no changes:

Using the beta version, scaling up a bit, same issues, but using what you taught me, I found the weird twists. Simplifying them make it work! Thank you all for the help!

Bummer - I can’t embed a video - but yeah, zooming way in, I can see places where the lines crossed each other.

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 5.37.38 PM

I’ll go on to say, while it’d be super slick if CC could point this out some how (or where vectors don’t connect), I don’t feel it’s a responsibility of the CAD program to highlight issues with the SVG.


Did you try the version which I e-mailed?

Curious if it’s markedly faster to cut.

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