Advantech sub flooring as MDF wasteboard alternative?

This was suggested on the Unofficial Facebook group:

Use advantech sub flooring instead of mdf. Highly moisture resistant. No need to seal.

(you’ll need a membership to see that in context)

Anyone else looked into this?

I have no idea what that FB page says, but I’ve use a lot of flooring leftovers for everything from boxes to coasters.


Wow, I didn’t realize how prolific that group was. There is a post nearly every hour or more.

Also, I can’t find that post. Do you have a permanent link to it?

most of them are flags


My apologies, thought that was the link I pasted:

It’s just the one line of text I quoted — context may be of interest though, and there have been a few other mentions.

I would be afraid of it chipping when surfacing.

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