Advice needed for a letters project

Hey all-

A friend asked me to do a project for him on my machine. He’s asking me to replicate this and attach it to a wall in his business. All I’m replicating is the logo & letters which will go on a flat drywall surface indoors.

I’m guessing in all it will be about 5-6’ tall.

Figured for the logo I can design/cut it out of wood (probably poplar) & paint it.

For the letters, I could cut out of wood (maybe oak or poplar 1/4" or 1/2")? And paint? Theres always plywood but I’d be concerned about filling voids, tear out, etc.

For mounting, my first thought would be CA Glue / accelerator on the back of letters and attaching to the drywall.

Would plastic work well for the letters? Perhaps a shiny black 1/4 or 1/2" thick? No experience cutting plastic yet, just thinking it may have a cleaner look than the wood. Almost all my bits are downcut bits as of now.

Open and appreciative to any thoughts or suggestions on material or mounting.



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You do not specify, raised or carved logo and letters? What size of letters? I’ve had success with baltic birch plywood as it is clear of holes and gaps but the letters should be sizeable. Your budget may also dictate your material and process.

This is an example with plywood painted black and letters approximately 2in.

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Nice work beautiful looking piece.

the letters and logo will be raised and cut individually, then glued individually to the wall. so they pop out.

I’m predicting the letters will be 8-10" tall.

You would not have any issue with baltic plywood for a 2D letter that size.

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