Advice on transporting machine

Any advice or tips on transporting machine during a home move?

Will it be ok mounted down on its table in the moving truck or does it need to be unassembled to a certain point?

Any specific points other than the obvious ones to brace?

It’s not a long move only about 8 miles or so.


If it was me, I would take the X rail off. Maybe take the router off too.

Glad it is not me, hate moving


The ideal would be to disassemble it and put the pieces into boxes.

Alternately, remove the carriage from the gantry and the gantry from the frame — pack all the parts carefully, and be sure not to lose the power supply.


I have moved SO3 xxl and xl on back seat of 4 door pickup. Take the router off so the weight does not bounce around.

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I just moved 5.5 miles. I transported my SO3 XL In the bed of a pick up truck. It was flat in the bed and surrounded by other objects so it wouldn’t move around in the bed.

If you were going to go a similar route I would put zip ties on the rails to prevent the gantry and a-axis from moving around.

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I moved mine a few hours drive recently by bolting some 2x4 and plywood to the wasteboard to make cradles for the X beam and Z using my workholding to clamp it all down, this meant I didn’t have to remove cabling etc. as the drag chains had enough flex. I removed the remaining V wheels so that the Y rails weren’t carrying any load.

It was pretty heavy still bolted to the torsion box, needed a person at each corner to lift but it arrived still square and straight.