Aha! Cut2D preprocessor was the root of my evil

I had posted a thread some time ago about weirdness I was having with regards to the machine going a little haywire after cutting a part, jogging and resetting x/y and cutting another. Or just after running a zeroing macro and trying to cut the part.

It turns out I think the problem was all in the Vectric preprocessors for creating the gcode files. This last weekend I was cutting some templates for something I sell. I cut one, jogged the machine and reset x/y, then tried to cut another and the machine started moving in ways that required cutting power.

So I looked at my gcode file, which has been around for a while, and see there is no G90 or G91 in the header. I then pulled up the version of Cut2d that is currently loaded (newer version that what was used to create that older template.gcode file) and created a new gcode file w/ out making any changes, and now there is a G90.

So I think what was happening is when jogging, the sender sends a G91, and so the machine stays in relative mode, and when I ran the program, it didn’t send a G90 but needed to have.

There was a period of several versions of Cut2D that came w/ bad preprocessors, they kept messing one thing or another up. Hopefully that is behind me now.


What sender?
Any decent one should reset the G90.

Universal G-Code sender.

Going back through all most files from before this occurring, they all have a G90 at the header, the ones I’ve had problems with, don’t.

This video:

At 3:30 talks about jogging and switching back to G90.


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Is that an old version?
That’s frustrating…I think they should all jog and then send the G90 in the same click.
Even better if they’d use grbls newer $J style jog which doesn’t affect the motion mode. Carbide Motion does it that way. I wish CNCjs did.

It is an old version, I’m using a newer one, I don’t know if it changes the coordinate system back to whatever was set. I have an old version of Grbl on my machine, no homing or limit switches, etc. I really don’t need the extra features, provided my gcode files are properly written.

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