Air filtration suggestions?

We are looking to add some air filtration systems to our workshop. I value the advice here so I wanted to see which ones you have used and loved or not loved before we purchase. Thanks in advance!

I have one of these

They also sell a lower air-volume version for less.

Amazon offers a boatload of choices.


The WEN 3410 works very well in my 320 square foot shop.


I have one of these that I built. It uses two standard filters stacked with the coarse filter on the outside. A pair on each face. I’ve measured a reduction in particulates from 3000 to 30 in about 30 minutes. It can easily keep up with my small shop, but I still wear a good respirator.


I have a box fan with a 20X20 Furnas filter on the back.

Works great!

I also use it for my collapsible paint booth.


I have a Jet AFS-1000b. I have had it about 20 years. Works well and is suspended from the ceiling. There are others on the market now and WEN makes descent stuff for the low price market.

I got an eletrotratic filter with a disposable pre filter.

The Jet stuff is good quality built to last.

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I have that same Jet unit @gdon_2003
It sometimes makes a low humming noise even when turned off like it is trying to turn on and the blower spins super slowly.

I tend to trip the breaker when I am not out there just to be safe. It does work really well other than that.