Air hose and indicator mounting on the Nomad spindle

I wanted to mount an air hose from an aquarium compressor to my Nomad spindle without any permanent modifications to the machine so I designed a holder, which as a bonus can also hold an indicator for when I want to verify that the stock is parallel to the X axis.

image image

I got this air compressor which seems to do great job so far:
Air compressor


Love the clean lines - well done!

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Cute. Has a sort of 1980’s sci-fi aesthetic.

spindle body can get pretty warm on longer jobs
i imagine it would be ok, but keep an eye on that printed part.

Will do, I printed it with PETG, if this won’t be good enough I’ll print with ABS

Got a link to an .stl?

Uploaded it to:
Let me know if you have any questions and I would love to see a picture if you end up using it.

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