Air Pass without re intialising

I would like the capacity to do an air pass without having to re initialise and reset the Z zero.
This would be helpful as a sanity check for toolpaths for me to make sure I don’y make any dumb errors such as hitting clamps etc.


Someone has already asked for this. It was commented that it was a coming attraction. Maybe not as you described but if you run the same job over and over with a single tool you could check a box and the BitSetter would not be used for the second job of the same file.

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A lot of commercial machines have a “prove out” mode that essentially just shuts off the Z axis.
How about positioning the tool a bit over the job & unplug the Z axis & run it??
Probably not something you want to do a lot, as it might wear out the plug.

If there’s room, you could also just reset the Z zero. It’s pretty quick. If you want the path to run 1" high, just select the “Set Zero” and subtract 1" from whatever Z position the machine is currently at.
Example: Z is currently 4.678. Just type in 3.678 & hit enter. Run the job.
If it all looks good, set it back by 1", and run the job. No need to go through the process of touching off the job & resetting Z. :wink:

If you have a bit setter.

When you’d start the file and the router goes over to check the bit Height you can push the button with the bit an inch or two away during both steps and it will think the bit is longer then it is giving you your air cut very easily.


Yeah, or pop a 3d printed (or milled) cap over it to extend its height.

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