Almost perfect - need some help

New Shapeoko user having a little trouble.

I have tried to cut out this piece multiple times now. Each time it seems the same points go wrong. The price is to build a Giraffe lamp for my son, and the spots come out right, but the body encroaches on the spots.

It seems like it starts the body part correctly and then jumps to the wrong path.

What do I have wrong?

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Hi @mccdeuce,

Welcome to the forum!

Shifted cuts like that are often due to the motor pulley slipping on the motor shaft, due to a loose set screw. Can you double-check all your setscrews, starting with the ones on the X motor pulley :

Can you also upload your design file (c2d) for a quick check?

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main.c2d (80.1 KB)

Set screws seem tight. But I will check again in the morning.
What is odd to me is that it seems like the first pass is in the right spot, but the follow on passes are all in the wrong spot. If the pulley was slipping would the passes all be wrong, or you is the system getting “off” zero?

It’s always possible that the set screw is “barely tight enough”, and it only slips now and then. But taking a second look at your pic, it seems the shift is along Y (does the picture show the stock as it was positioned during the cut?), and it is very unlikely that both Y would slip at the same time.

The other typical reason is losing steps,

  • either from using incorrect feeds and speeds, but yours look allright
  • or because the gantry/router/hose hits something during the cut (and then the motors lose steps, which translates to a permanent shift for the rest of the cut). Any chance there might have been a collision somewhere, during your cut ? (my “favorite” mistake is hitting the front door of my enclosure)
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Got it to work! Tightening the belts and the set screws seemed to do it. Thank you so much.


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