Almost there… still building furniture

I’ve not commented in a while or asked questions b/c I decided to completely rework my small shop (14x20) before putting in the CNC. There’s a dedicated miter space and 48x53 out feed table for the table saw, so space is at a premium. Im getting close, though. By close of day today, I hope to have the table built for the ProXXL.

Thanks, all, for the posts regarding table dimensions. I’ll do an enclosure at some point, but I just want to get cutting. Everything is still boxed up… ordered it before thanksgiving. :confused:

Questions incoming soon. :smiley:


@Westers Hey Will…glad to hear you’re getting close. My one suggestion: Whatever surface you decide to put this on, don’t double-use the table. In other words, don’t make it so that the CNC sits on a surface used for other tools and don’t use the CNC surface to hold work during other projects. I know (too well) the compromises made in small shops (particularly when it comes to surfaces) - but the CNC needs to stay flat and consistent. You don’t want to put things on the board that aren’t being cut by the CNC and you don’t want the surface to shake and move because you’re using another tool. You want consistency and predictability; that’s what gives you accuracy and repeatability…which is why you have a CNC.


Thanks for the tip! That’s exactly why I built the outfeed/assembly table. That’ll keep my projects away from the dedicated CNC area.

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Screeching halt! Table is done… started assembly of the machine. Everything was going beautifully… Following right along with Winston.

And then came the gantry. No screws. :disappointed: I checked the box again and again. Errrr. Sadness. I looked through the bag of extras they’re nice enough to send. Unfortunately, there aren’t six similar screws that fit. Sigh.

I’ll message support. Hopefully the screws will come quickly and there’ll be no more missing parts.


Looks like the whole hardware packet is missing for the gantry assembly. I messaged support.

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Update: The support is awesome! Shipped hardware packet out today… here tomorrow! Awesome!


Update 2: gantry assembly hardware arrived today. I’m off to get crackin’ on the build again.


TL;DR Warning

Update 3: made it all the way to installing the brains… thumbscrews and a couple other little items missing. Emailed support - I’m sure they’ll be coming soon.

I moved forward with wiring, powered up the unit, and a tiny wisp of blue smoke appeared along with a blue light next to the probe indicator in the led stack for the limits and such.

I went through everything again - connection by connection and it all looked good to me. Powered up the unit again, and it appeared okay… no smoke, but probe indicator still on - along with the red led at the bit setter.

The limit switches checked out when tested, so I connected to the computer and attempted to initialize. Z-axis dove down. I shut it all off.

Then I called support. They asked for pics of the board so they could check it out. Waiting now to hear back.

When I asked about the z axis nosedive, support didn’t seem concerned about it… they asked a couple questions and said it could be fixed in settings. They asked if I had configured the machine before initializing - I had not.

I went back through the manual and didn’t see anything about it, but I had a nagging memory of SOMEBODY saying something about initially connecting the computer. I went through all the vids on - nothing. Hmmm… then I remembered Winston’s YouTube vid and checked there. Sure enough, step-by-step.

Followed Winston’s instructions and all seems well now except for the probe and bit setter lights… which likely indicates a problem there. The “button” on the bit setter moves freely, so it’s not stuck.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from support… alas, however, it’s the weekend.

See the conversation here - the 3M tape works fantastically

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