Alternative Source for V Pulleys?

Doing an upgrade to XL and upon reassembly I see one of the V Pulleys is broken. Winding my way through Carbide to try and get a replacement (not shipped in the upgrade kit). However I suspect it would be a lot faster to find a 3rd Party, say an Amazon Prime vendor, that could sell me a replacement.

Anybody found something like this?

A quick search shows a lot of very similar products on Amazon.

The community lists some vendors/sources at: — also the specifications which may help, though for an SO3 c.f.,

Anyway, saw your e-mail in the support queue and we’ll ship you some as quickly as we can manage.


i haven’t measured mine for the shapeoko but i have bought some replacements for my rostock max with parts from here

ps wouldn’t mind seeing the link from your amazon search.


There are a lot of words there but most of the detail has to do with the hidden washer. Not really a lot of information about the dimensions. It just refers to a “Delrin V-Wheel” and not too much else.

Looks like some of the 3rd parties have similar parts but not clear how to verify that they are actually the same thing.

I just used “delrin v-wheel” on amazon:

The CAD isn’t good enough?

Ok you got me. Its certainly helpful although its hard to find similar information from the sources. Most of the Amazon entries could be eliminated just based on the diameter–the Shapeoko wheels are bigger than the ones I looked at on Amazon.

I think I’ll order the Inventables one since I assume somebody has already checked it before it was added to the wiki. I have been meaning to do an order with them anyway. They carry lots of interesting materials.