Alternative to bitsetter?

I do not use carbide motion much, rather prefer gcode sender.
Is there a bitsetter “alternative” that can be used?

The BitSetter is hardware that will do its thing regardless of software.
To use the BitSetter as intended, you need software that can handle storing information the BitSetter helps collect.

Assuming you mean Universal Gcode Sender (UGS), I don’t believe it has what it takes at this point to use the BitSetter (or similar) as intended. Maybe a UGS user can chime in.


As Neil said, I also don’t believe you can do it currently with UGS. I briefly used UGS, and changed to CNCjs right after since UGS wasn’t working correctly for me. If you’re open to it, you could look into changing to CNCjs, which you can do it with.

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