Alternative to Super-PID

Looking for an alternative to Super-PID to control the speed of my Carbide Compact Router

I have a Super-PID and Makita combo I’ve been meaning to post for sale if you were interested. And all of the Elaire collets to go with.


Otherwise, could try using a digital POT to replace the speed dial POT in the router. Have yet to see someone actually try it. You would need something in between to convert PWM to I2C or SPI.

Digital Potentiometers Design Guide

Thanks everyone. I think I’ll just stick with the run-of-the-mill router until carbide releases a 80 mm mount for the Shapeoko Pro.

The PID controllers reduce RPM without reducing torque. A simple pot reduces both, so the router would stall much easier.

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The Makita has a built-in feedback loop circuit (which you have to bypass for the Super-PID), so it will try to maintain speed under load, however you still be restricted by the original RPM range (10k-30k) and I’m uncertain of difference to performance between the built-in vs Super-PID.


What is your asking price ?

How much are you asking ?

Someone had reached out to purchase it after you had initially declined, so that transaction is currently pending. Sorry :frowning: I’ll let you know if ends up available again.

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