Aluminum Base for XXL

(Luc) #21

So we compare apples to apples, what did you price? Size, thickness, aluminum or steel, type? It is also clear that you are buying one so no quantity or client discount. The tariffs on aluminum in the US also increased the cost significantly, ion fact the tariff increase also had a ripple effect on prices in Canada and I suspect other countries.

(F B) #22

I priced quantity (2) 1/2" X 19.75" X 42" ATP5 aluminum (identical to what ohio diesel is using) from here. This is for 1 set, shipped to chicago from what looks like minnesota.

Cost per piece is $130.92 X 2 = $261.84 plus $54.20 estimated shipping is $316.04 total. (But again, you would need to do all the milling and tapping etc… this is just the plates.)

(Jon Jackson) #23

Garrett, Did you decide to move forward? I’d be interested.

(garrett johnson) #24

Hey Jon,
Yes I have. I am currently waiting on 2 “prototypes” (They should come out perfect). The bed should be held to plus or minus .002 flatness. I should receive them by March 15th. I have a listing on Ebay to get a feel for the traffic. I’ll update the listing with actual images of the finished product. Once I get my hands on them and they check out, I will most likely doing a larger run. Hopefully I will be able to bring the total to $400 or under.

(Gary) #25

Keep us updated please.

(Jon Jackson) #26

Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted. I’m very interested in getting one. I actually saw the eBay posting yesterday but didn’t realize it was you…

(Phil Thien) #27

I’m curious about the orientation of the seam between the two sections, I’d think front to back would make more sense, to keep the two halves coplanar. Can’t these sag or lift at the seam?