Aluminum table for the XXL

Russell on the Facebook group is trying to put together an order for a run of aluminum tables for the XXL:

(no affiliation other than being on that group, and wondering if it could be adapted to work on the XL as well)

I sent a join request, but until approved I can’t comment on the FB post. Anyone know if the cost is $287 per panel (x2 for the XXL) or $287 plus shipping total for an XXL? There is a company on amazon selling XXL tables too, but I like this one because it used 1/4-20 threads. The one on Amazon uses 5/16.

I’m all in for this… especially since I’m eventually moving to a higher humidity location. I’ll see if I can post on the FB group, albeit I don’t use FB…

I got in and received an answer. It is $287x2 for a total of $574 plus shipping. It looks like they are still looking at options, but are estimaing $100 shipping right now.

There is a seller on Amazon selling an XXL base for $599 plus $49.99 shipping. I asked if they could do it with 1/4-20 holes rather than 5/16-18, but have not heard back yet.

The Amazon seller replied and said no problem on doing a table with 1/4-20 holes. Just message him on Amazon and he will set up the listing.


I checked out the both the Amazon and Facebook listings. The Facebook is for an XXL and they are talking about trying to make it compatible with an XL but don’t have an answer yet. The Facebook proposal is also buying them through a source in China, so that makes it less appealing for me. The Amazon listing is for an XL and it is in 3 sections. While I’m sure the 3 section solution would work, there may be some issues with getting the surface level between the 3 plates and it might require surfacing the whole thing after installation. The interesting thing about the 3 plate solution is that you could actually cut the thing yourself on your SO3 XL if you had the aluminum plates to work with. A quick search shows that you could get 1/2" 6061 T6 aluminum plate 2’ by 4’ for a little under $300 plus shipping cost. I’m thinking a DIY upgrade may be in my SO3’s future.

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You are correct. I was looking at the Amazon offer and completely missed that it was XL not XXL. I was wondering how a 3 piece would work on the XXL with the hole layout. I’m thinking about just having one made at a local shop. I have the dimensional drawing, so i doubt it would cost more than what these folks are asking.

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Hoping there are more XXL users interested in this initiative… $220 per panel with Russel’s latest hole reduction (+ shipping). Please go post a message if you’re interested. If you’re looking for rigidity and stability with repeatable depth accuracy, it’s the way to go…


does anyone here have the dimensions of the wasteboard holes to line up with the frame? or a drawing of the wasteboard?

Wasteboard drawings are at:

Additional links at: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable esp.

and — that last should be at 100%

Much appreciated Will, I should have searched before I posted… I found it bit long after I asked the question. I’m going to get a 16mm or 5/8" aluminium wasteboard made, and bolt it to the bottom of the frame with a 3/4" mdf sacrificial board, and do the linear z upgrade.

Thanks for your help!!