Am I in over my head?

I’m not sure what a picture will show except that when I hold it in with my thumb the light comes on. When I release it, the light goes off. You can tell the minute you plug it in that it’s not a tight, secure fit. My coworker, Sam, has made a phone call about it.

OK, I just left Sam a voicemail, we’ll get it taken care of

I used the ".0625 ballend cutter (#111)
The 3D Brass tool-path file I attached above is set up for using this same tool.

I would recommend doing a test cut in Renshape before going to the Brass, depending on the detail and scale of the artwork, you may need to use a smaller cutter, like the ".031

If you want to share the file your are starting from, I can do a walk through for you to demonstrate the whole process of setting up and testing a job like this.

A couple of things that would be really nice is to have the brass, copper and aluminum settings, if they’re different, all in one place. I subscribed to the Gwizard calculator but I feel uncertain if what I’m entering are the right things. I guess I should watch some of the many videos they offer .

The other nice thing would be if anyone knows a source for some larger pre-cut pieces on renshape, or comparable, that would be great. I got a quote for a full sheet from Freeman. But I can’t afford/justify that. Proofing dyes w/ clients would be cool w/ the renshape but I don’t know if you could bill for that cost and justify the time involved. Cheaper than an old style matchprint though, I would think.

To the OP - I don’t know if anyone commented on a couple of earlier questions you had. The mess is contained w/ the enclosure and door. You will want some kind of shop vac though. If its gotta go in your office you might consider the business acquires a “buckethead” from HomeDepot. It’s a little shop vac head you can put on a black 5 gallon bucket. With the black bucket you can avoid the obnoxious orange home depot one. I use mine to vac the inside of the Nomad, takes <60 seconds to do, and I vac the sump of a reef tank w/ it. Haven’t used my bulky shop vac since.

Don’t know your noise tolerance level so hard to predict annoyance but obviously it is louder cutting metal than other materials. If you have in-house presses then put it by them. Way quieter than a press and press operators I’ve known like machines :slight_smile: