Am I missing a way to change the bitzero probe corner?

I have a two-sided machining project that I think requires I probe off of the same corner in the same orientation. I assumed there would be a way to do this but I’m not seeing it. Am I missing it?

Actually I may have worked around this by putting a box the exact size of my stock around my vectors, flipped stock x/y values, and rotated the stock bounding box (and vectors I want to cut) to have the same x/y 0,0 point

If you probe all 3 axis X, Y, Z at once then you pretty much need to be bottom left (or front left) of your workpiece. Once you flip your workpiece if you really need to probe at a different corner then you could probe the X, Y and Z seperately. If you have bitzero v2 the circle recess is centered on the corner so for X and Y you’ll be fine. Then as a second operation probe Z however for bitzero V2 if you probe Z only then it must sit completely on top of the surface and not overhang on the corner.

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Actually my latest method I like to use when flipping my project for 2-sided milling if I have enough excess material around the final product is to mill 2 holes the size of a locator pin (ie. wood dowel 1/4") and countersink them into my spoilboard (note: make sure these holes lineup with MDF slats and not aluminum T-track of hybrid table). This way when it’s time to flip you insert the locator pins into the holes drilled into the spoilboard, flip the stock and align with the milled holes in your stock. I’ve been getting perfect alignment and usually requires zero sanding where the milling from either side meet.

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You should probe the same corner after the flip as was used initially.

Since Carbide Motion can only probe all 3 axes at lower-left, in order to re-probe at a different corner you will need to probe for X and Y individually w/ the probe registered at the new corner, then reposition it fully on the surface to re-probe for Z if need be.

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