Amazon Prime Day - Oct 13/14

On the eve of Amazon Prime day, please post links to some of the CNC related products you have found on Amazon. Well the ones you would recommend. Maybe some of them will be on sale, or maybe this will just be an interesting collection of how much this addiction has cost us.

Below is my list, farmed by scrolling through several years of my amazon purchases (in no particular order).


1" thick EVA foam mat to place under Shapeoko to reduce sag:

Onsrud upcut bit:

Onsrud engraving bit:

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The thing I’ve been looking for is an hour meter which tracks machine usage time based on usage vibration starting/stopping — has anyone seen an especially nice one which is a good value?

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Was thinking of wiring a DC electrical hour meter Into the Nomad somewhere - havent seen a vibration based hour meter

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