Ambitious First Steps

Dear All,

I’ve begun cutting, for more or less my first major cutting project, an intricate 2.5D bas-relief. My only problem is that Carbide Motion fails to load the file for one of the more intricate tool paths (.8 mm flat), or even the 1 mm ball end. I have no warnings or errors on either files when processed by Fusion 360. I first thought that it was such an intricate file that Carbide Motion might just need some more time to load it, but after leaving it to load all night, I can say that isn’t the case. Does anyone have any advice for my scenario? I would be super grateful for any help as I’m definitely soloing it out here in Japan. Thanks in advance.

You may want to try loading the same G-code file in an alternate G-code sender (UGS, CNCjs), just to check if there is something fishy in the generate G-code itself, that Carbide Motion might choke on.

Other than this, maybe divide and conquer by disabling half of the toolpaths if possible, and see if things improve ?

While there are several examples of Carbide Create choking on large files, I never heard of cases of Carbide Motion completely getting stuck failing to load a file, but others will comment I’m sure.

Unfortunately, Carbide Motion doesn’t do well with successive files.

Right-click in the window and select refresh/reload from the contextual menu.

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