American Work Ethic is Fantastic

Time has been compressed for me. I placed an order for a Saunders Machine Works fixture tooling plate in 6061 aluminium with M6 holes and a pair of M6 Mod Vises with some Mitee Bites Talon Grips and a couple of extra serrated vise jaws. The relevant fixture tooling plates for my standard SO3 were out of stock and the lead time I was advised was to be 8 weeks.

I placed the order on May 27th but my order was despatched on Friday June 4th and will be with me on Monday June 7th, a mere 11 days after placing my order. That is an amazing amount of time shaved from the 8 weeks lead time for which I was expecting my purchases at the end of July or early August.

A super impressive performance from the guys at Saunders Machine Works. I have the weekend to get up to speed on the fitting procedures and then I can see about cutting some metal next week.


I’m pretty happy with the mod vise and fixture plate for my Nomad, one word of advise though: if you want to precisely align the mod vise, SMW recommended these pins to me. In the German-speaking world, they go by DIN 427.

(I assume the Shapeoko plate, like the Nomad plate, doesn’t have any locating holes for dowel pins, otherwise just use those)


That is a good tip which is very much appreciated. Thanks Lucas. :grin: